Almería, España (Jornada completa)

HR Generalist


HR Generalist

Almería, Spain - full time at Master's degree level

What are you going to do?

As an HR Generalist, you will be responsible for advising and influencing within the businesses, ensuring that the broader HR function works effectively. This means that building and maintaining effective relationships with numerous parties is key in this position.


Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Coaching and advising line managers on training and career development situations to get the best out of their teams;
  • Supporting the talent pipeline and succession planning;
  • Leading and conducting recruitment, employee onboarding and talent review processes
  • Developing and implementing HR procedures and policies
  • Managing HR projects and Engagement initiatives;
  • Handling all employee relations issues that arise.

Your power

Working together and entrepreneurship is what characterizes people working at Enza Zaden. This means that on the one hand, you are social and communicative, so you can advise and guide the managers with HR issues. On the other hand, you listen to the people and understand what is important in the business. You take initiative, are open to thinking outside the box and are solution-oriented.

You also propagate proud: proud to work at Enza Zaden, but also proud of your work.


In short, you:

  • have a Masters in HRM
  • have a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience as HR Generalist or a similar position in a commercial, technical environment
  • are fluent in English

Our power

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. We produce and sell the seeds of these varieties all over the world. Both for conventional and organic growers.


Our goal is to grant people access to healthy vegetables. Anywhere in the world. Every day, more than 460 million people worldwide eat our vegetables. So, we are getting there ... but there is still enough work to be done! Of course, we look further than present needs. In 2050, when there will be about 10 billion inhabitants on our planet, we also want to make sure that people have access to healthy vegetables.


To achieve this, our vegetable breeders work with the best that nature offers. Supported by state-of-the-art technologies to speed up our breeding process. And that is really necessary because currently, the development of a new vegetable variety takes at least 6 years. We focus on higher yield, resistance to diseases and pests and climate extremes such as heat and drought. And on taste, shelf life and nutrients. The results? Strong, healthy tasty and climate-proof vegetable varieties with higher yield per square meter and less need of crop protection products or fertilizer. In short, sustainability is truly in our DNA.


Almería and Cartagena are the home base for our stations in Spain, but we have colleagues all over the world.

We are an independent family business, where around 2000 employees from more than 40 nationalities closely work together in international teams.


Please send your application to our HR department